Tejas Web WitchCamp 2017

Tejas Witchcamp 2017 flier_twig cornersAt this intensive in the Texas Hill Country, we step between the worlds to create the sacred space of magical community.

Over the last three years, in Tejas Web gatherings here, we have listened for the voices of the land which holds us. Here is some of what we have heard:

  • Connection with the Earth, the wild beings, and the wild within us must ground our work. Our survival and the survival of the Earth depend on this relationship.
  • The Beings, Spirits and Elementals of this land, and its indigenous human ancestors, call us to active alliance. They ask us to take only what we need, and to give back from the heart. They are waiting, and their patience is not unlimited.
  • The web of oppression is wound tight. It threatens all life on the living Earth. Our combined efforts, in solidarity, over time, are needed to cut through this deadly web and create a world of justice, compassion, liberation and peace.

Our intention for this WitchCamp is:
The voices of this Land call us to the crossroads. Guided by Hekate, we cultivate magical tools and deepen relationships with this Land to discover keys to transforming oppression and injustice.

At this WitchCamp we seek embodied magic: spellcraft, tool building, magical and practical activism, local place-based crafting, chant and dance and drumming, storytelling and transformative ritual.

We want to leave camp with new magical tools that we can use right now, wherever we are. We seek to strengthen our wills to step into opposition to oppression. Join us in making this magic!