Camp Culture/What to Expect


The Magic of WitchCamp

WitchCamp provides intense, provocative, confrontational, and life-altering experiences. Our magical practice and rituals include trance, healing, storytelling, drumming, dancing, chanting, and ecstatic energy. We use music, mythology, meditation, art, and ritual to push the edges of our consensual reality, creating transformation in our personal lives and effective cultural change.

Tejas Web works in the Reclaiming tradition, and we honor the values of that tradition by caring for the Earth, our families, our communities, ourselves, and diversity of all kinds. Read the Reclaiming Principles of Unity here.

People with all levels of magical experience are welcome. Newcomers can learn basic skills of magic and ritual. Advanced paths offer opportunities to apply magical tools and skills toward personal healing and empowerment or manifesting magic in our communities and the world. Tejas Web WitchCamp is open to everyone 18 or older. Mature 16-17 year olds may attend with a parent/legal guardian.

WitchCamp is an intensive, immersive experience, offering a full schedule of magical experiences, workings, and rituals, as well as unique opportunities to meet magical allies and create and deepen relationships. WitchCamp is not a festival or faire, with flexible scheduling and people coming and going. The energy of camp builds from the beginning, and it is important to experience the entire process. We work together in sacred space from the beginning of camp and are sequestered between the worlds until camp ends. Please bring everything that you need for the week and do not plan to come and go from the site.

Details of What to Expect

Participants self-select into morning paths, taught by members of the teaching team. These paths offer focused magical work, often related in some way to the overall theme. Afternoons provide opportunities for small affinity groups to share and support experiences, optional offerings and activities, and personal practice. All camp evening rituals create an arc for the magic and draw the entire camp together.

We create sacred space at the beginning of WitchCamp, and we spend the entire week between the worlds. This is a profoundly transformative experience that is not enhanced by alcohol or drugs. Please do not bring alcohol or drugs to camp. Also, no weapons, firearms, fireworks, or pets.

If you have previously experienced major mental health challenges that significantly disrupted your ability to perform daily activities or if you currently take medications prescribed to prevent those mental health disruptions, WitchCamp may not be a stabilizing environment. Any medication prescribed by a physician should be continued before, during, and after camp. Please consult your physician or mental health professional to determine if camp will support your continued health. WitchCamp is never a substitute for therapy, medication or medical attention.

Ritual attire and costuming are encouraged. Weather can vary dramatically, with the potential of hot days and cold nights. Everyone needs a variety of clothing including warm clothes, solid shoes, and rain gear. Skyclad (clothing optional) is an option at WitchCamp (except at meals).

While there is cell phone service and internet at the venue, we encourage everyone to be fully present and to disconnect as much as possible from their electronics and from our home and work life.

We encourage everyone to participate in a silent auction during camp by donating an item and bidding. Towards the end of our week, we entertain and inspire each other by sharing our talents with an all-camp Bardic Circle.

Although vending is allowed at camp, vendors must be aware that time and energy resources are limited at camp, and it may be challenging to spend much time tending their wares. Vendors must provide a tent/shelter and display as well as self-tending signage. If you wish to vend at camp, please let us know in advance. Please also plan to donate one quality item toward camp fundraising.

Good, healthy food nurtures and sustains our energy for intensive magical work. Camp includes delicious meals with vegan, vegetarian, and meat options. Food magic embraces local, organic, non-GMO ingredients. Healthy snacks are available at all times.

Our venue features comfortable buildings with heat and air. Real beds are available in semi-private rooms and in dorm rooms that sleep four people. Private tenting is available both near the main lodge and in more remote wild spaces.

Ample indoor bathrooms and showers are available for tenters (no port-a-potties). Sleeping areas, bathrooms and showers are gender neutral. Bathroom and shower stalls have doors or curtains for privacy. There is even a HOT TUB!

At WitchCamp, we form community with each other and with the land. The earth holds us closely as we create life-changing, world-changing magic together.