Accessibility at the Tejas Web WitchCamp & Dandelion Venue


The land around the venue is basically level. We have had campers, guests and teachers who have limited physical mobility attend camp in the past with a relatively low amount of difficulty. The main areas of camp are quite flat (the dining hall and dorms, which include community bathrooms/restrooms, and the ritual spaces). There are clear dirt paths to most of the wild spaces. Some movement over unpathed land may be necessary, but we try to respect the land by staying to the paths. If you have questions about your specific situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are bringing a service dog, please email us at

Please note that our venue does not allow pets of any kind. This is for the safety of everyone, including our animal companions. This includes emotional support animals.


The lodging, dining and indoor ritual spaces are all accessible by ramp. Most have ramps at front and back entryways. Most doorways are double wide and most other doors accommodate wheelchairs.


There are several accessible bathrooms/restrooms indoors. The venue has a chair available to use in the shower. The bathrooms are close to both of the indoor ritual spaces, and to the patio ritual space. There are camping spaces very close to restrooms; please let us know when you register if we should reserve one of those spaces for you. The furthest ritual space is about 1/8 mile from the nearest bathroom, over a cleared dirt path.


If you need electricity for a medical device, indoor spaces have electrical outlets, and there are some tenting sites near electrical outlets. If you want to tent and need electricity, please let us know when you register if we should reserve one of those spaces for you.


Two of the primary ritual spaces are nearby, and accessible. One is an indoor hall, with ramps. The other is a patio, flat with rough paving stones, just behind the dining hall. Both have adequate light.
Other ritual spaces are very nearby, from 200 yards to 1/8th mile. Some are accessible by cleared dirt paths. Others are level, but over rougher ground. These spaces are darker. Tejas Web shows respect for the spirits of the land by limiting artificial light to and in these spaces. Support in getting to them, and back from them, will be available.


Our community members support each other. When you check in at Dandelion, please indicate if you would like mobility support and you’ll be connected to a person who has offered support as part of their community service. At dinner the first night, we’ll ask those available to provide support to stand so you can see who you can speak with for support.