Magical Activism: Tejas Web New Moon Pentacle Magic


Magical Activism: Tejas Web New Moon Pentacle Magic

Between October 2019 and October 2020 Tejas Web wove a spell of magical activism with a series of 13 Pentacle Magic gatherings on or around the New Moon.  Our intention for these was: We work for Justice and for Healing—for the Earth, for the living world, and for our political process.

We initially met in person to walk the Pentacle in the rotunda of the Texas State Capitol in Austin. With the onset of the pandemic, in spring 2020 our meetings became virtual. We ran the energies of the Pentacle in our bodies, gathering on Zoom each month, through the last new moon before the 2020 elections.

Now a new phase of Magical Activism begins. We will gather on Zoom at each New Moon to create Pentacle-based magic for 2021.  Our current intention for this magic is: We turn the wheel of transformation, make choices and take action to manifest Love, Justice and Healing in our world.

We’ll be working with:
The Pentacle of Pearl: Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty, Wisdom
The Pentacle of the Crossroads: Choice, Liberation, Justice, Peace, Compassion
The Pentacle of the Great Turning: Desire, Surrender, Transformation, Solidarity, Manifestation.

You’re invited to join us if you’re drawn to this magic for Love, Justice and Healing. You do not need to have experience working magically with Pentacles.

Join Tejas Web’s google group to receive info and Zoom links for each month’s gathering. To sign up, email and ask to join.

New Moon Pentacle Magic dates for December 2020 through the end of 2021 are below. We meet at 7:00pm central time US unless otherwise announced.
2020: Monday December 14
2021: Tuesday January 12; Thursday February 11; Saturday March 13; Sunday April 11; Tuesday May 11; Thursday June 10; Friday July 9; Sunday August 8; Monday September 6; Wednesday October 6; Thursday November 4; Saturday December 4