Reclaiming Tradition and Witchcamp Culture

by Suzanne Sterling

Witchcamp is embedded within a larger, worldwide community collectively called The Reclaiming Tradition. This inclusive, evolving eco-feminist community has been creating and refining collaborative ritual for social change for over 30 years and has influenced numerous other traditions and movements. Reclaiming leaders and members have shared this collective work within the realms of social justice/restorative justice, environmental justice, anti-racism and multicultural understanding, the arts, spiritual movements, political advocacy and policy creation, education and all manner of healing communities and modalities.

At this moment in time, when the world feels deeper in crisis, we believe that this kind of connective ritual is more important than ever. The work of Reclaiming and others who have been creating ritual as a crucial part of the social justice movement fabric for decades has been misunderstood and largely invisible. Until very recently, ritual was not embraced as a necessary part of modern living and especially as an important part of social justice movements.

But now there is a real need for this work to be utilized and seen. Part of the integrity of the Reclaiming Community and Witchcamp is grounded in the collaborative, consensus based process that illustrates a sharing of power and otherwise refutes the normative leadership/hero worship structures that much of our culture is based upon. It is also work that speaks to the parts of us that are so hungry for meaning, connection, inspiration and play!

The kind and texture of community that coalesces around connection, meaning and creativity is profound and can create the necessary foundation for real social change. As we are awakened to our connection to all beings and the great web of life, so then we are inspired to work to protect that web from harm. In other words, Witchcamp is not a vacation, a festival or a simple social gathering. It is a place where individual lives can radically shift and where conscious community can be invented and invoked.

We strive toward a camp culture that recognizes both the value of the individual and the wisdom of the collective….co-creating new forms of leadership, practice and community. We invite you to bring your desire and vision for the world to this on-going and inspiring conversation.