Tejas Web Taproot 2020

A Tejas Web Virtual Gathering on Zoom
Reconnect • Heal • Strengthen • Transform
Save the Dates: October 16-18, 2020
(Friday evening – Sunday evening)

For the past 7 years, Tejas Web witches have been working to deeply listen to the Spirits and Ancestors of the land, shatter false Illusions, stand in the crossroads and choose, dismantle systems of oppression, and transform through malleable time. Now we find ourselves literally at that Crossroads that we saw coming–amidst pandemic, crumbling empire, political toxicity, climate crisis, anti-racism, activism, election, wyrd time. The cracks are opening up wide and the possibilities for real transformation are emerging from grief, rage, and death. What an extraordinary time to be alive.  Hold on–we are in this together, and we have magic, love, and community. 

Since we cannot safely gather for our Regional Dandelion Gathering this fall, we are moving deep into the Taproot of Dandelion to reconnect, strengthen, heal, and transform. We choose to seize this opportunity for virtual and astral connection. The Wyrd Sisters urge us to return to the tree, the roots, the hall, the well–to weave past, present, and future. We are the spell.  We choose to make magical actions for change. As we move towards the most important election in US history, we will focus our magic and our wills on new pathways ahead. We welcome offerings from the whole community with proposals through August 1.

At our broadly-accessible, free gathering, we will create rituals, political magic, visioning, workshops, discussions, children’s activities, song shares, crafts, and whatever our hearts desire. We will even have tea and share a meal. We will invite friends from around the world to join us. We will participate at whatever capacity we desire. 

Please register http://tejasweb.org/wp/register-for-taproot/

Please  join us for this online magic and community. As we build hope and resilience, we strengthen our connections. 

With love and joy-

The Wyrd Planning Team

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