pagan-altar-1034856_640Attending rituals and then starting to help with ritual planning is a good way to get involved with Tejas Web.   Check here for our next scheduled public ritual.

Tejas Web’s goal is to offer public rituals in the Austin area for the eight sabbats of the neopagan Wheel of the Year, the quarter- and cross-quarter days based on Northern European traditions. These are:

Samhain (around November 1)

Winter Solstice/Yule

Brigid/Imbolc (around February 1)

Spring Equinox

Beltane (around May 1)

Summer Solstice

Lughnasadh/Lammas (around August 1)

Autumn Equinox

These rituals are open to anyone who is drawn to attend. Children are welcome but parents/guardians are encouraged to use judgment in bringing them, as not all rituals will engage younger children. There is no charge for admission to rituals but Tejas Web is grateful for the generosity of the community in donating to help cover expenses of the rituals and to help sustain the work of Tejas Web.

Rituals are scheduled at the appropriate time of year, in various locations selected by the planners of the ritual. Our rituals are participatory and experiential rather than scripted. We draw on Reclaiming ritual forms and practices. We encourage creative improvisation, ritual drama and the ecstatic raising of energy.

The Ritual Cell exists to foster communication and action about rituals and ritual planning. Our planning process is collaborative. People step forward as volunteers to coordinate, plan and priestess the rituals. If no one volunteers for a given ritual, it doesn’t happen.