Path Descriptions

At the Base of the Tree, We Meet the Three: Elements of Magick for These Times

With Cedar & Irisanya

Things are about to get Wyrd. We know it, we have felt it. Deep in our bones, deep in our bodies, we understand and we realize: the time has come.

With what is, what was, and what is becoming, we meet the three at the base of the World Tree. We come with our knowing, perhaps our unknowing, perhaps with trepidation and hesitation.

Where will we find the wisdom to know, the energy to will, the courage to dare?
Where do we shout out and when do we remain silent?

In this Elements path, we will travel across and through time with the Norns, with Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld. We will work/play with Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit/Center, engaging the ways they nourish the roots of our Reclaiming Witchcraft.

From ritual skills to natural magick to ecstatic movement and joyful stillness, we will claim the tools of our healing and the foundation of our resilience.

With the Three and the Tree, we weave our destinies and meet our fates.

(Note: This is the path you will take if you’re new to Witchcamp or to Reclaiming!)

Entering the Hall: Tending and Healing our Lineages

Facilitated by jenika and junebug

We enter the hall to set the table and prepare for the gathering.

With consent, we seek connection with lineages of blood, craft and land. We welcome our lineages in all directions: the ancestors and descendants of blood and bone; those of craft, path & spirit; and those of place, whose bones lay beneath us and on whose land we reside.

We honour Urd and invite ancestors to share what was. We honour Verdandi and what is. We honour Skuld and the vision of what may be. Through Whole Time, we work together, in the present moment, to transform the past and make way for possible futures.

We use our senses to listen, and our magical arts to draw us into deeper relationship with our lineages. We honour paradox, grief and compassion, nourishing our ancestors and descendants on this journey of healing and understanding.

The Well of Wyrd

Facilitated by Alex and Morgana

We meet at The Well of Wyrd. As we deepen our connections, nourish the roots of the Waters of the Multiverse, and swim into the mystery of the Well, we open a portal through time and space and become shapers of Worlds. Opening to Mystery and Liberation, we embrace conscious transformation, embodied solidarity, and hopeful action. We seek balance in the Anthropocene and envision thriving futures for life on Earth. We weave settled awareness, deep listening, enlightened memory, shapeshifting, embodied trance, and time travel. We serve as Deep Witnesses for the Transformation of Culture.

Do you feel the call of The Well of Wyrd? A push or a pull? What are the threads of our journeys? How do we heal the past in order to transform for the future? Through The Well of Wyrd, we seek clarity and expansion.

Elements of Magic or equivalent recommended.