Tejas Web Ritual for Beltane


Beloved Witches and Allies, all are warmly invited to the Tejas Web Beltane ritual:

Sunday, May 5 at 2:00 pm

Grove on Shoal Creek

We will make magic of this intention:

Out of our longing for liberation and abundance, we open to and embrace wild delight and sweet desire through authentic connection.

Beltane marks the season of manifestation, of embodying our desires. How do we express what we desire? How do we leave space for “yes” and space for “no”, and, whatever the answer, rejoice in the gifts of consent and authenticity?

Part of our ritual work will be loosely based on Betty Martin’s Three Minute Game. Whether or not you participate in the ritual, you might find her work on consent interesting. Here is a video on the game:

Please bring something to sit on, food and/or drink that brings you pleasure to share, and a cup and plate. You might also want to lie on the ground and sarong or beach towel might be nice. There will be an altar. You might also want to bring magical items to charge with the intention of the ritual and take home with you. All Tejas Web gatherings are drug and alcohol free.

The Grove on Shoal Creek is on the west side of the creek, south of 34th Street and across the creek from the Shoal Creek Gazebo. Here is a link to the Gazebo Location. From here, walk down the hill and across the creek and you will find us. There is parking along W 31st Street or Shoal Creek Blvd near St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. There is a longer path from W 34th Street that does not require crossing the creek.

Love from your planners:

Sisal, Lisa, Jaguar, and Juniper